The art of innovation is about creativity. The science of innovation requires a formula, a series of steps, a process. The Normandy Group figures out how to mine novel ideas and turn them into a competitive advantage to ensure our clients succeed at creating a culture of innovation.

Strategy Execution

The Normandy Group’s Strategy Execution practices enable our clients to plan and engage strategy throughout their entire organization, ensuring complete business alignment. These tailored solutions allow the translation of high-level strategies into specific objectives and accountabilities that deliver tangible business results. Our consultants can recognize the opportunities to solve problems and meet the challenges that your organization faces because of our rigorous, disciplined approach.

Process Improvement

The Normandy Group’s approach to Process Improvement is value based, enabling our clients to maximize benefits by assessing, identifying and targeting processes core to value delivery, organizational priorities and strategic imperatives. We carefully consider current process maturity and desired future needs in order to apply the right level of investment for the benefit received. Our approach to Process Improvement is also unique in that we deploy a parallel approach of benefit delivery via focused improvement efforts coupled with building internal process improvement capabilities.

Our team is experienced with various improvement techniques including:

  • Six Sigma
  • Lean Principles

The Normandy Group has the expertise to deliver consulting services and technology solutions that will have the maximum impact on our client’s process improvement initiatives.

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